trouble in my marriage

First My husband needs true salvation. My husband is a contractor and has been working with a female realtor. I believe they have stepped over boundaries. She had been sending him emails late in the even telling him tonight. Asking him if he’s ok etc. I have asked about them and he denies the emails and states there is nothing going on between them. He tells me its just my jealousy. I have sent her a message at work telling her to please stop sending my husband messages that are not work related. She did not responed of course. I am asking the Lord to remove this woman from his path. I am asking the Lord to help me with this torment in my head and heart . I am always thinking if he does answer my calls he’s with her. I am a woman of God thats needs his help. Amen

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  1. You will stay in my prayers

    I know it’s hard, but I am praying for your marriage. May God lead this woman out of his life, or lead you out of his. You’re hurting yourself by watching this continue to happen.

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