trouble at work and home life

by Doreen (Laporte)

my prayer is to help give me strength and understanding when my boss purposely tries to set me up for failure and reprimands, and to help me be more tolerant and have more time to help my elderly mother and nephew who depend on me ……

thank you

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  1. Trouble in Family and Work

    Please pray for me and my famiy are in trouble. For money and with relatives stress. Husband dnt have good salary and good job. Lots of money problem. i have borrowed money from other i m not able to pay them. please pray for me, husband and

  2. Police bullying

    I’m in same situation too. Set up to fail. I had a work review that was classed as illegal: Supv always protecting themselves and not helping staff or me. I am getting stressed and when I get stressed I make mistakes.

  3. I am can relate

    I pray for you all to stay strong and hold your head up because only GOD can direct your steps. Meaning even in a workplace no one can make you leave or quit, it’s up to god and where he decides to place you. I also need prayer. My supervisor has set me up numerous times and works me harder than others to make me quit. I need another job.

  4. abuse at work

    My husband changed jobs and we relocated….he is constantly being verbally abused and put down on a daily basis and threatened with his job security. He thought taking a job that paid more would help his adult children who are suffering with financial and health problems and each have families of their own. He has always been kind and honest and a very hard worker and put others first before himself. He knows how you feel and we will pray for you as I pray for him to find peace at work and be treated with the respect he deserves.


    I am in the same situation with my boss and colleague. They have shown that they do not want me around anymore. My prayer is to get a new job in my home town where I can be with my husband and children everday.

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