trial’s and triumph’s

by Penny (Vermont)

Heavenly father i am praying to you today for a few thing’s first by far most i want to thank you for all the blessing’s you have bestowed apon me it’s been a long rocky road but with faith and your guidence i am starting to surfise above the clouds and am seeing a happier me.

heavenly father i started my book a good book i am asking for the power , wisdom , strengh and your guidence in completing it i have tryed many time’s before and failed.father i have made many mistakes in the precious life you have given me but not once have i lost faith in your love for me or your power i just need your help and father with you in my life i know it’s possible.father it’s been a very long time since i have been able to help myself due to health issues my heart isent the best due to my diabetes i want to be able to make good money again to help support my family as they have did for me through all i have gone through and father they so need the help as well as there faith is as strong as mine when it come’s to you but feel your hands are full and dont want to bother you so i am taking it apon myself to ask for your help in there honor thank you my god my father and all you represent

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