Transition to heaven my daughter

by Regina ()

My daughter my only child Layla fought her fight with breast cancer for a year and a half she rang the bell. Layla, took the jab, she ended up in the house from August 1st 2021 to August 5th 2021 in the ER she had shortless of breath body aches low oxygen. I have her 3 children 3, 7 & 12. When she got to the ER they had know idea what they where doing she suffered a bad fall her left eye was swollen shut she had a cut. She kept telling them she needed her meds they wouldn’t give them to her. On August 5th she made her transition to heaven sudden unexpected tragic. They did all kinds of things to her. They where giving her meds in her vain and right at the start. Leaving her 3 kids with me. I have lived with them since birth. They where her even and she and the kids was are my everything. They are loved well taken care of in everyway. They know and love Jesus. Please pray I get permanent custody of the kids. My daughter loved animals. DFCS came to my door on her birthday. I homeless person I have known for 38.years wanted to live with us and I had to make him leave he had a bad temper very hateful as he was leaving he said he was going to call DFCS and have the kids taken from me and bring me down so low know amount of money could get me out of it. My grandkids love me they are so scared. He did call made things up. They came on September 10th the day of my daughters birthday. They are still on us. We haven’t been able to grieve in peace. PLEASE PRAY I AM A DEEPLY GRIEVING MOTHER. MY GRANDKIDS ARE TAKING THINKS THEY MAY HAVE TO GO VERY HARD. IT HAS AFFECTED EVERYTHING. PLEASE GOD HELP US. PLEASE PRAY FOR US. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY. AMEN.

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