Tourist Visa Approval for US

Dear St. Joseph,

I come unto you to seek for your help as I apply for a US tourist visa today. I am about to submit my application and before I do, I am seeking for God’s blessings and claim its approval thru your help St. Joseph and in Jesus’ name. This is once in a lifetime opportunity that I don’t want to lose.

I have been waiting for this chance to come and I know that it came from God and that it is the right time. Please help me reach my dreams this time and I will bring and help my family reach theirs as well. You know the desires of my heart and its only God has the power to make things happen. That is why St. Joseph, I fervently ask for your help to help me pray to God to grant approval to my US tourist visa.

Thank you dear St. Joseph.. All these I ask in Jesus Name and thru the intercession of Mary. Amen. I love you.

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