Tough decisions ahead

by Tara (New Jersey)

I recently moved back home after a very bad marriage ending. I have been living with my sister and I know my daughter and I need our own place, and soon. The big problem is this state, NJ is very expensive and I had considered going to a cheaper state, VA where I used to live.

I have a job right now n NJ where I am and would not have one when I get to the VA. I don’t know now what I want to do now. I enjoy getting to see my family but the rent here is so expensive. VA is so much cheaper and very beautiful. I do talk to a very nice man in the VA, and it is not because of him for me moving there but I don’t know if anything could come out of our talks if I am so far away. I need prayers for guidance from God to show me where I am supposed to be. What am I supposed to do. I am so confused. I know moving to the cheaper state would be economically better to raise my daughter but that would mean moving away from my family again.

I need God to show me the way. There isn’t any thing serious with this man, we are just friends and that is very nice. Any prayers would be so greatly appreciated. Feeling very confused.