Touch me and heal me Lord…

I’m a widow for more than five & a half years, I spoke to the Lord and said to him I don’t wanna be alone, if it is His will please send me someone that knows Him before the person get to know me.

The Lord answered my prayer and sent me someone who I’ve grown to love, however, the spirit of fear and jealousy got the better of me.
I was so scared I was gonna lose him to another woman.
We’ve been in a relationship for about 8 months when I accused him of being unfaithful. I was so disgustingly rude to him and this drove him away. I sincerely and deeply regret it.
My heart feels as if someone took a knife and ripped my heart out. My depression and insomnia returned. I feel alone and depressed, I miss him so much.
Lord in Jesus name please heal me of depression, insomnia and my broken heart. AMEN.

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