Tormented by what I think is a bad spirit

by Prayer For Deliverance Of A Tormented Spirit (San Marcos Texas)

Help please pray for my daughter Gisella Karina she was a very sweet upbeat happy joyful person but suddenly I’ve seen a drastic change in her that she was full of fear anxiety rapid heartbeat wanted to faint says she can’t sleep hears whispers and feels jerking is very uncomfortable Crys alot I don’t know what was going on I asked her what was going on she asked that some friends and she did the Ouija board I told her why baby I took her to hospital I was very concerned they did blood work it was good so now they think she’s crazy cause she told them she was feeling like going crazy and sometimes wanted just to end her life please pray for my child please. She is 16 years of age her name is Gisella Karina santibanez please can you all please put her on chapel ask God for her a miracle for her deliverance it’s making me sick to my stomach everyday to see her this way I also cry alot but not in front of her my I’m her mother thank u so very much may God bless you all…

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