Today’s Prayer For Protection

My Dear Lord, I pray that you protect me from my sins. I sometimes allow my mind to wonder to things I should not. I need to bring you into my dreams to walk with me throughout the nights. My dreams are nightmares and I do not want to go there.

Please Lord, cast satan out of my dreams. Cast him out of my life. He has no place there. I forbide him anywhere around me. He comes in all shapes and forms. He is in the form of someone I use to work around who was extremely selfish and evil. Thank you Lord for getting me away from this person who pretents each day to be a Christain. If they were a true Christain they would have never done the things they got away with. Another is someone far away who used your name in doing evil. People such as these are not good people. They are evil! Protect others from their wrath and harm. Their tongues are long and sharp and need to be silenced.

They need prayers to change or face punishment one day in the worse possible way. I pray for another few who I deal with on a daily basis. I pray for a shift. I pray they find better opportunities elsewhere very soon. Something they cannot refuse nor ignore at all. An opportunity that would save them on gas and traveling time and more money in pay. I pray they find this opportunity very very soon. I pray for a better financial windfall or can find a way out of the mass I found myself in with help. I pray I find true love who will protect me from bad people. I pray for protection from evil in all things. In your name, Jesus, I pray! AMEN

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