To win the lottery jackpot

by Debra Heaven (England)

Dear god please help me get back on my feet , I’ve made a lot of bad decisions in my life and lost everything I’ve worked for, house car businesses in my 53 years of being here , I’ve worked hard and lost the lot through not thinking things through, I am also in bad health, please pray for me to get better health and not be in.

Pain every day, and to win the jackpot on. The euromillions or lottery uk, if I cant win that then please let me win all the money I have lost though bad decisions in the past , thank you ,

please give my mum dad and my grandad I never met also my dogs that are with you all my love and tell them I miss them all every day, if I do win I promise to give a large donation to a lot of child and animal charity’s around the world , also for homeless people thank you love you xxxxxxxx