to stop gambling

by Ndinelago (Windhoek)

I am in need of prayers to stop wasting my money on gambling, I work so hard for it and yet I spend it more often on gambling in most cases. I can do so much with it, anytime there seems to be a voice telling me to gamble, and when ever I win something I still put it back, I just want to stop. I can go very far in business if I can just not think about this.

Help me so that I can help others, to invest my money on something worth while, so many kids go hungry every day I can help in that matter, thought I do it could be much more if I stop this habit.

Help my family to come together again with love care and respect. there was so much love and it vanished because of pride and disrespecting each other. Money has become more important than human living. The family is just in a mess.

Help to pray for my business which is growing rapidly and I can feel and see the potential for growing more and more, I can see the creativity I possess I need strong prayers for the enemy and jealous people to go away and do their own things.

Help pray for me to get married to this man I love if he love me real

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