To Soften My Husband’s Heart and For Him To Return To Me As Husband and Wife Forever

by Cali (New Mexico)

Father God,

Please accept and grant my prayer to reconcile with my husband. Let him come to me with his truth and apologies. Give me the strength to listen and be calm. Then allow me to give him my truth and apologies. Please give him the strength to listen and be calm. Allow us to recognize our faults and to forgive and forget the way we hurt each other – immediately. I prayed for my soulmate years ago and You gave him to me. I want to honor that gift and stay together, be happy and be in love with my husband.

Father God, I will leave it in your hands to remove and keep away forever any and every person or thing, keeping us from each other. Under your leadership we are meant to stay married and be happy with each other. Please make this happen soon. Please accept my gratitude in return.

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