To sell our home

Please help us. My husband is ill and we need to downsize. We have been trying to sell our home for two months. The first realtor did nothing and our new realtor yesterday had a verbal offer and then lied to the potential buyers that there was another offer on the table and for them to sweeten the deal and then they didn’t do a written offer. She didn’t talk to us about doing that and they then didn’t do a written offer and there was no other offer so we sit here with nothing. Both of us are depressed and will be facing financial ruin if we don’t sell the home. Why she did that I don’t know. I spent last night with my husband who is beyond being without hope. He was crying, barely can walk, falls a lot, is incontinent and is only 52 years old. He has been on every medicine for MS and nothing no longer works. He is driving himself away from the kids and myself because he told me he has given up. He was hoping that by downsizing he could at least have a couple of good years without worry. We need God’s help on so many levels. Both of us are beginning to feel God has abandoned us, but I believe in God so much but for some reason help doesn’t come and then we have the cruel situation from yesterday. I was already praying and thanking God for the offer yesterday only to find out it didn’t come through. Please pray for us.

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