To sell my house, to get my daughter married

Kindly pray for my house to be sold asap and I should get the full amount in my hands – no one should cheat me or trouble me in any way, especially my family members should not back stab me as they have been doing for so long. I should be able to invest it well and have no more unhappiness about the house.

Kindly pray for my daughter to get married asap – she is growing older – we have been searching for 4 years and not one proposal has come till now. None of us have a job and we are living thriftily on what we have saved and the house sale is also not coming through. Please pray that God will perform my daughter’s marriage even if she has no job, no looks and is just a simple, ordinary girl who cannot sing or dance or do anything spectacular . Everyone is belittling her and there seems to be no hope of getting her married at all. My parents, sister, cousins etc have spread too many malicious stories about her facial acne and her lack of job and completely prevented anyone from asking for her hand. We are fodder for their gossip. Please pray for her in Jesus name. Thank you.

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