To protect us from false gods, and other deitys.

by Gabriel Gonzales ()

I Gabby and many other victims in this USA ask that You true Jesus Christ pray the proper prayers to the true Heavenly Father that will cause Him by His hands to permanently DESTROY the voices that are talking to us in our heads without our permission that are claiming to be god, jesus, holy spirit, or a host of other deitys, and are NOT. We need this form of secret unprovable mental RAPE/TERRORISM/BRAINWASHING brought to a permanent end today. We call this form of rape a burden that has been put upon all us victims by someone else that is not our true immediate DNA family members and we need those rapeists permanently stopped no matter how. We feel the best thing for a serial rapeist is that YOU true Heavely Father KILL them. Liberals would set them free so that they can repeatedly rape others, so the blood is also on the liberals hands for aiding the rapeist to further his/her criminal actions. Thank You true Holy Trinity. Amen.

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