To passed the lincesure examination..and fulfill his dream to become pulis

by Ryan Delmo Iligan (Davao)

Dear god..thank you for the love that you given to us.papa god..please guide my brother Ryan for his exam tomorow…in this is 3rd day and last day for the lincesure examination .lord god…everyday I pray for you ..please guide my brother to passed that lincesure examination give him knowledge and strength to answer correctly I just want to be happy with him…HE WANT TO MAKE HIS family to make proud of him and make a happy …in this is the third taking na hope this is the last that he will take board examination hope he will passed it..I know that he will do his best to achieve his goals in his life … become pulis someday lord god enlighten his mind to select the correct answer papa god ,, gabayaan mu ang kptid ko mamaya sa exam Nya madami po siyang pangrap sa family Nya ,lord god..bigyan mu xa ng blessing to fullfill his dreams e bless mu po ang brother ko at sa pamilya ko lord god..,without you I am nothing papa god.more blessing sa mgulng ko….sila ang inspiration ko at Ikaw diin po papa god …tulongan NYu xa mmaya ang kaptid ko sa exam Nya I know kaya Nya yan I am always here with him to pray him everyday and to all my family’ and relatives papa god….I know brother you can make it god is there with you I know you ,,,you will passed the licensure examination ..thank you so much lord god and more blessing sa family ko I love you so much papa god I trust in you.. In the name of the father into the son into the Holy Spirit amen….in Jesus name amen

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