To pass college entrance exam

by Maria Christina R. Hernandez (San Pedro Laguna Philippines)

Dear lord, please pass my college entrance exam. Please pass me in this particular school that ive taken my course. Blessed my answers and make it through the passing grade. Oh jesus christ, i really need thiss to start my career and make my life and family better. i am the only one who can give and help my mother. I want to give them or give back all their sacrifices for raising us up and to get a better life. pLease lord, i surrender all to you i really need you in every stepping stone in my life. I believe in you and i love you. i am living under your glory. i Pray this to you oh lord. I really need this. Sorry for all my sins forgive me oh lord. Bless me and family and my country.forgive them as they make sins to others. They dont know what they are doing. Keep us away from satan for giving us temptations and wrong deeds. In jesus name i pray, amen.

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