To pass and be successful and happy

by Eric ()

Dear lord
Lord i ask if you can help me pass the 4th quarter with good grades the past quarters it always been bad so I ask if you can help me really pass every single one of my classes with amazing grades lord. Also I ask if you can help me gets job so I can get money so my mother won’t have to stress over me 24/7 help me to grow and be productive and do amazing. Lord I ask if you can guide me to be successful in life with the present and the future lord I ask for happiness lord I know I mess up a lot but I ask for forgiveness I confess on my sins and wrong doing lord lord I know you love me and I know God has amazing plans for me but right now I really need your guidance through my junior and senior year and my life after high school please help me be successful and happy I love you lord thank you god for your miracles god I also ask for new experiences I really ask if you can allow me to experience love I know I ask this a lot but can you please help me with that I just really wanted a boyfriend also God I ask if you can help my mother she really going through something with bills and money please send a miracle to stop all the stress she going through please help her pay off all those bills and fix the money issue god I love you god and lord I love you too thank u for everything farther ❤️❤️

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