To overcome pain, anger and bitterness

by Cynthia ()

Thank you for this opportunity, may the Good Lord continue to bless and protect you.
Being a single mother to my 27yr old autistic son and we living with who i consider a toxic mother (due to my boy’s seeming fear and signs of disturbance from her towards him), I have continuously questioned God as to why we are still in her house since we can’t afford one. My two attempts to marriage led nowhere. I am menopausal with my hormones raging through me and very lonely while dealing with my son and mother. My son, who has no friends whatsoever, not even his cousins, keeps asking me why and other questions I have no answers to.
Though I am a praying Christian, I most times can’t help but wonder if God considers us part of His children and if so, why the years pass by and nothing seems to be changing. At 56yrs and with no job, it’s a nightmare. I mostly go about soliciting so we feed.
I want to stop doubting and questioning God…

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