to many to count

by Katie ()

My prayer is a lot, I have been (for a lack of better words) burning the candle at both ends, I use to enjoy getting up early in the morning and going to the gym. But lately (and mostly over this summer) I am drained. We have a lot going on with the family, (brother-in-law is getting a devours) and it is making a tole on our relationship. It is hard for sure, it is hard on my husband, my in-laws and the kids. I am also going back to school right now for my Special Education in teaching, I also work full time at our local high school. I also have not attended church in quite a bit of time. I started a Bible study at one of the churches here were I live, but I only went to the first day. I know I need to get back to church, and I want to I just feel like people are looking at me differently at our church, and my husband won’t go to a different one. It is not really what I want out of a church by any means. I was very active in our church but when I stopped being in charge of the nursery department it changed. Sorry I know this is long

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