To make me a few inches taller

by Zachary ()

I am 21 years old and stand at around 5’6 inches. I never worried about my height too much growing up as I was always around and inch above average. However, I was in the hospital almost every year of my life. Due to my health issues, whenever I was in the hospital I was on a liquid only diet and on a lot of medication throughout my life. All of this began to stunt my growth.

When my mom and I asked my pediatrician about my height stagnating at 5’5.5 from 14-15/16 he said it’s nothing and chalked it up to my medication. When I asked if I could at least get HGH shots he refused and said I didn’t need them. He then said he’s 5’4, a doctor, and doing well in life. My friend’s mom was the one who told us about the HGH shots as my friend went from 5’4 and ended at 5’9. Later at the age of 17.5 or so my mom had an appointment at the hospital to get an X-ray and I accompanied her. After she was done, I asked them if they can check if my growth plates are okay. They said my growth plates were officially closed and I wouldn’t grow anymore.

I believe God made me stop at my height to humble me so that I can be saved. If it is His will that I do not grow any taller I will accept this and still Love Him. I understand that height is not what makes a man nor should I let it affect me. I would just like to stand taller and feel a bit more confident. If growth in my height does fit in His will, then I ask that I may receive it when He permits.

I would also like to ask you all to pray for me to be able to forgive myself for my past faults. I’ve been able to let go and forgive others from their past mistakes towards me, but I struggle to forgive myself.

Thank you all and may God bless you.

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