To keep God’s wisdom, light and protection

by Claire ()

Hello, please pray that no evil spirits will try to come after me anymore as they always look for the smallest ways and the smallest things to get to me, as they know I will react to that by giving into fear, worry, and then doubt which will try to make me think a lot again which is exactly how it gets in the way between me and God and living my life in peace with him. I know that God has everything planned already and I do not have to think and that I should give everything and all these warning thoughts and feelings to the Lord because the more harder I try to fight off the fear and worry, the more it becomes harder to follow God’s will because then it becomes easier for the evil spirits to get me from the sadness and anxiety that may follow. But I pray that it won’t and I strongly pray with all my heart that the evil spirits will no longer try to come near me anymore and far far away from me as I want to become a well-protected soldier in the army of God with the helmet of salvation and a heart devoted to God and the holy. I pray that I will continue to gain more knowledge through God’s wisdom, that he may continue to teach me, through the holy spirit. Please God hear my earnest prayer and thank you for praying for me.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour Son of God,

I pray Amen.