To heal my brother-n-law’s congestive heart failure

by Vicki (Dayton, Ohio)

My Story Please pray for my brother-n-law’s heart to be healed. His heart is only working 30% or less. What is even sadder is that, he has a wonderful heart, soul , and spirit, He has children and grand-children that need him. We, the extended family need him. Please God Lord Jesus send healing Angels while he sleeps and warm his heart with a Glow of powerful healing that only you can do. Restore this man’s beautiful heart that you gave him at birth. The one that is has given so much love from to others and still has to give. I pray and know that you love him, please don’t take him away. All of ours hearts will die of broken hearts.Amen Thanks to all of you for your prayers and God Bless.

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