To have faith every thing will work out.

by Debbie (Winnetka, California)

Please bless the people who are working on my Social security claim, to be full of understanding and compassion for my situation, so i can pay rent, bills and buy food. I had neck surgery back in 2013 and never recovered from it. I was on put on Disability but after 1 year of collecting it I was told my funds have been used up.

I am scared to death not knowing how or when if I’ll ever have income to pay any thing. Couple months ago I tried taking my life. The devil had the best of me at that point. I am going through major depression, I have loss so much weight and cant sleep..I cut myself off from the world just about. I feel every day im sinking lower and lower. God, please help me through all this as I keep having faith that you will never leave my side.