To God the Father to answer my in time of need

by Tyron (South Africa)

I am in such a bad state with finance and have been praying to God the Father through His son Jesus to help me. If I do not pay my rent I am out in the streets. I need to find favor with God for my finance. God is bigger than any of problems but as man I am so overwhelmed.

I am also praying for my fiances finance as I am assisting her to feed her family. I need to be debt free. My debtors are clamoring at my door threatening court proceeding and have been blacklisted. I am need of Gods forgiveness for my reckless financial ways of borrowing for one to pay another.

I have less then a $1 (ZAR 0.75) in my pocket and ask your forgiveness that I am unable to donate.

Please note that I am not elicting money I am putting my trust in God to guide me and find favor with the money lenders.

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