To get the job I applied for at the law office

by Armida (Amarillo, Texas)

I moved to a different city last July and my job ended this past January. I have applied at different jobs but have not had any luck in getting a job. I recently applied at a job that has excellent benefits and pay and I am hoping to get this job so I am asking for prayers so that I can get this job.

I really need this job cause I am living with my son and his wife and I want to move out on my own. I have a house in another city which I still pay the mortgage and I have been trying to sell it but haven’t had any luck so I need prayers to try and sell this home before I lose this home cause I am struggling financially to make the mortgage payments and I am also behind on the property taxes.

Please pray for me so that God may help me with my daily struggles cause I am getting severely depressed with all of my problems. I also have been dealing with my boyfriend who is a good person but he has a alcohol and drug addiction.

Please pray that God help him end his addictions and that we can live a life together worshiping God till the time of our deaths. I am begging for God’s help, mercy and guidance with all of my problems.

I want to live a good healthy Christian life and to set a good example for my children, their spouses, and my grandchildren. Please pray for me and my family and boyfriend. In Jesus’s name I am asking for your help. Amen and thank you very much.

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