To gain confidence in my relationship

by Jacquie (Tucson Az)

I have an amazing relationship with my boyfriend Justin, he loves my son and i more than i’ve ever experienced. But because of the hurt i have experienced in the past there are times i am insecure in my relationship and think he will fall out of love with me or leave or cheat on me. I know he is different from any man and he has never given me reason to even feel this way. Everything he says and does should make the fear go away but there are times i get scared and i smother him asking if he is sure he loves me, i feel like i need constant reassurance. He is patient with me and tells me that its ok that i get crazy like this but that i need to have more faith and be secure in our relationship because sometimes when i question him it makes him question himself by thinking hes not providing enough for me or if he isnt good enough. Hes everything and i feel like if i keep being scared like this i will push him away. I pray for confidence and security so i may eventually stop living in fear and one day spend the rest of my life with him with a heart full of love and happiness.