To find work immediately

by Eric ()

Please pray for me that God will land me the right opportunity soon, as I struggle in my finances and am in a lot of credit card debt. I ask for his forgiveness in irrational spending at times to fill a void of hurt, pain and suffering from a unexpected divorce that has crushed me mentally, physically and emotionally. I ask that you please help me pray to continue to learn to accept the situation, continue to learn to grow as a loving caring part time single father and take the pain and suffering go away when I am lonely and by myself. I know he is there but I just cry and cry and put on a facade that I am more than what I am because I used to feel much more valuable. I lack self-worth most of the time, I am tired, fatigued and in physical pain from all the adverse situations in my life. Some that I have put on myself, others have felt unfair and just ask for his help in continuing to restore me back to my character, honesty, integrity and the real Eric that I am at heart. I know by just getting some job opportunity will give me some pride and so stressed over my financial situation. I had nothing but rejections last year and so far nothing but rejections this year when I decided to plan to dissolve a start up entity that never took flight. Sorry for the long note in my prayer request but I cannot do this alone. The only person that I truly love is my daughter and trying to learn to love myself again but lack of self confidence and self worth has made a major impact on my life on multiple fronts. In scripture God does not say He will answer every prayer, but He does answer what he promises:
1) I will lend and not borrow
2) He will restore health back into me
3) He will turn my ashes into beauty
4) He will pay me back double for the unfair situations that I have gone through

I bless all of you reading this and praying for me. I really am a caring and heartwarming individual. People think I am some malicious criminal and drug addict and that is not the case at all. I just pray that others can see my value and the value I bring to my daughter regardless of some of my selfish acts. I just want everyone out there to see me prosperous, redeemed and filled with hope and give me the support I need. I know it starts with me but just to get some extra manifestations of prayer out there just comforts me in knowing that I am a soldier and most days I feel like I am fighting as David vs. Goliath in my mind – but know that I will see victory in the end.

I appreciate everyone’s support.
Love you all as Jesus loved us all and He said to all of us I will not forgive you seven times, but seven times seventy times.


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