To ease a troubled Husband in debt

Dear Lord I pray in the name of Jesus that you put your hand upon my husband today as he’s working.

I pray that you would help him to focus on the here and now and our future and forget about the past.

Help him forgive himself for decisions that have caused him to go into debt and for people that have done him wrong.

Remind him of his value and purpose in this life. Renew his strength and will to work himself back into a place that gives us hope and a future.
I pray Lord that my husband would not resent me for the living that I making and see me as a blessing and partner in life.

I pray that you will help us pay our bills this month and help him break the pattern of constantly being in a stressful hopeless place.
I believe Lord without a doubt that you will meet our needs and that my husband will have heart again to be the man that you have intended him to be.

Lord I plea with you to speak to my husband in audible voice, that he would have direction from you that would give him the confidence he needs to move forward .

We will not be able to do this without you Lord.

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