To bring my husband back home and to love me again

by Jem ()

Hello my name is Jem Lowe my husband has been gone from the house since Thursday so almost a week because of an argument that me and him had he left and went to his parents house and then came back home and got some of his possessions with his father I tried to talk to him that we could fix our marriage but he wouldn’t listen to me he said we needed separation because he needed to think about our marriage this is not the first time that this has happened my husband Nicholas Lowe has cheated on me in the past and I have forgiven him many times and we have worked through many other things in our marriage we’ve been married for four years and now that he is staying over his parents house he is back to cheating because on his accounts I have seen him send money for a prostitute and other things I just want a prayer for him to come back to forgive me for the wrongdoings of arguing with him and for him to understand that I forgive him for the wrongs that he does and for God to change him and appreciate me and to be by my side for both me and our daughter I am in such a bad situation that if my husband leaves I cannot afford our home or anything because I have disabilities that render me unable to work my husband in that regards has been very helpful and understanding but I am not understanding why he all of a sudden left when we had that argument a week ago and then left on Thursday all of a sudden I have thought we had fixed our situation but I guess we had not all I want is for God to bring my husband home for us to fix our marriage through counseling and for God to forgive us for the wrongs that we have done and for God to always look out for our family because what God brings together it can never be broken so please pray for us my name is Jem and my husband is a Nicholas thank you very much

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