To break generational curses

by Nick ()

Father God in the name of your son Jesus Christ i came before you to confess the sins of my forefathers and to ask you to forgive them for whatever they participated in that was contrary to your word .your word says a curse without a cause can not come
I realise father from studying your word that the challenges that im facing in my relationship and finances could be as a result of whatever they did .the idols they worshipped and the vows they made on those evil altars .
Father im comforted to know that you are a loving father who forgives sin and rebellion.forgive us this day lord
Blot out all my transgressions as well .
And clean me by the precioums blood of your son Jesus whom i have accepted as my lord and savior .
May all vows and covenants which were formed on evil altars by myself and my forefathers all the way back from the 1st up to the 4th generations back be destroyed by the fire of the holy Ghost

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  1. Break The Chain(s)

    Prayer request:

    Heal and restore me Lord give me strength in Jesus name to break ALL generational curses in my maternal and paternal family. I am witnessing and at the affect of this watching history repeat itself and am emotionally distraught and sick from the destructive result. Lord I pray for strength to walk in your way and shone a light on the darkness.

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