To be courageous and peaceful when faced with dark temptations…

by Ivan (Paterson, NJ, USA)

Dear Jesus, KIng of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The demons who prowl about the earth are seeking to ruin my soul and destroy the peace between me and my family. You have called me to become a shepherd for Your flocks, and most willingly do I desire to answer my vocation.

But now an attempt of destruction is being made on my path to a virtuous life. Every form of dark temptation is being suggested to my thoughts ranging from blasphemy, violence, disrespect to my relatives. I have even suffered with thoughts of sodomy and incest, which are extremely unwelcomed to me.

Now I am being tempted to speak words of harm and derision.

My Lord, send me Thy saving grace, and free from the demons of fear and confusion.

Grant peace and courage so I may joyfully answer the call to priesthood.


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