to be able to pay the debts – money

by Geraldine (South Africa)

dear Father i come to you with a humble heart. You know mum had a stroke and it is 2 years now. her medical expenses are high. i am greatful that so far you have enabled me to me some of her needs. Mum had 10 kids and we are 8 now. the responsibility falls on the girls only 4 and now 3. i pray for all us to continue with our appointed duties. i also pray for the boys to remember mum she is in need. got 2 loans big loans in addition to other expenses. I also for my son Kana to get good paying jobs. His payments do not come in time and i have to help him out as well.Father you know all my needs especially in the financial area Father i put my trust in you and i am leaving all in your hands in the name of Jesus Christ your son. Amen

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