Tired of it, Help me Lord

Dear Eternal God, I need you guidance and assistance. I am broke, I wrote a bad check,& my husband is always angry. I mean about nothing- but he is just always mad. I have had some of his friends tell different stuff that he does for a co-worker or a friend. And then my feeelings get so hurt because he never would do something that sweet for me. And yes we argue and it is always about money. And I would like to leave him and take my 2 children with me-but I seriously can’t afford it.

How is that for a catch22? I started borrowing from a check casing place and now I can’t get out from under that. I am sure that my problems seem small to some of the others that are praying, however I feel I need a miracle. Help to improve my life whether it be with my husband or not.

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