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My fiance and I have been together for 7 yrs, yesterday we went to look at rv, the guy is selling it for a lady he knows. We noticed his huge swollen jaw, said he found out its cancer! We said so sad to hear and will keep him in our prayers, he said thank you. We looked inside of rv and it was so filthy and smelly and my nose started burning which I thought maybe she had pets in rv. He said the lady is selling b/c her husband had a stroke, he’s had people look and didn’t get offers in it. So, I had to get off rv due to smell and my fiance kept talking to George. On the ride home it was quiet, I asked how much the lady asking for rv? He said $45,000, it’s a 2001 diesel w/ 83,000 miles. I said that’s too much, he said it’s not, I said the carpet is filthy, smelly, my nose burning, must have had pets. George said she took it to an rv dealer to see how much they would give her and He said they looked it over and they said it needed a new roof and other things to fix, she left. Then my fiancee says I’m being too negative, and no one is ever clean enough! we get home and he says let’s discuss rv, we bumped heads, he said I can add a stove since there is no stove, I can take out carpet and add wood flooring, and I said I’m not cleaning that filthy rv, why didn’t she clean it up? He says maybe she can’t afford to hire someone, I said you don’t put things up for sell in filthy conditions! We stopped discussing dye to not coming to his decision of me saying yes, go buy it. I said since you have her phone number to call her, she tells us she is selling because her husband had a stroke and not able to drive, said she was asking $45,000 but other people could not get financed by bank and other reasons that she didn’t State, my fiancee asked how much and she says just make me an offer! Then are you giving g cash or financing? My fiancee said finance, asked about engine and tires and other things , said he would call her in a couple of days. He gets on you tube looking at how to change out flooring in an rv! He has never done this type of work, I mentioned getting it professionally done. So I now know he wants it, he tells me he prayed on it all night and God put it in his heart to buy the rv because George has cancer and the lady husband had a stroke so even though George said he is not getting a dime out of the deal, he said she may need the money!! I said are you kidding me, God said buy it? He said yes, even against my wishes, he said yes. Then I said has God revealed to you when we will get married? Funny, you always tell tell me how you prayed to God and got your answer on so many issues. Made me feel jilted because we discussed marriage in Dec and he said he God has not revealed that decision, didn’t want to get married right but won’t rule out in the future, 7yrs together, engaged 3 yrs ago! Thank you, will take any advice at this time!

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