Time, love, friendship and companionship

by Maggie (Bronx, NY)

Dear God.

I have been a single parent for 8 years. I have always prayed to you to send me a loving person in my life to give me company, to show me the world, to show me love and to love my child. I prayed for companionship, I have prayed for love, for me to be able to keep a relationship. for someone to help me co parent.

help me with my expenses. Other than being a single parent, I have been also single for 7 years. It seems to be so hard to be in a relationship with someone who is not involved and does not have any extra baggage. God you have answered my prayers 1 year ago. You have given me the chance to get close to Pierre. You have given me the change to get to know him deeply, allowed me to be fortunate enough to gain his trust and confidence allowed him to speak to me about his past relationship and where it took him and how long it took him to get over it. God had blessed me with his company , his love for me and my child. He loves my child a lot. God although I knew it was only the beginning and we were just getting to know each other over the course of 10 months i grew love for him. I love him like i never thought that i would. I thought it was nice enough to show him my love for him on Christmas. When i did a special dinner and i gave him a Christmas card and wrote that I love him with all my heart. God right there that very moment I told him my biggest feelings towards him. I loved that he accepted it.

New years passed by it was great awesome. We had a great time we enjoyed each others company.

Only until it all comes crashing down. I questioned his outings. and he told me i dont have any authorization to question him. I was puzzled i thought that we had something special going on. I thought that i was ur partner and that you were my partner. we share everything we do everything together. you stay at my house. God I am really confused here and stuck. I prayed for this through out my toughest time and my prayers were answered. but now i feel like they are taken away from me. I have done nothing wrong but just Love the people who has loved me back.

God he ended up telling me that he is not ready for a relationship, that he told me that he just wanted to be friends.
How can that happen. how can someone you shared everything with and did everything with can just keep it that simple and dry. God aren’t feelings suppose to change over a course of time. I guess that to him its just so much harder.
God i pray and will continue to pray for us. For Pierre to love me the way that i do. I know that he does I know that he still cares, because he is still there. But being his friend is so hard, when I love him. God I pray that you open up his soul his mind and his heart to accept me and my daughter in his life and to want to accomplish more together, to be financial stable and have shelter over our heads and to have a good job, To love me and to be able to love back. I know that his past relationship has torn him into pieces. GOd i pray that he will be able to get passed that and love me like he never loved before.
Please help me pray for the one that I want to be with.
Please help me pray, god please help me.
Its just not the same. I miss him so much

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