those that despitefully use me

by Angie ()

the bible says to pray for those that despitefully use you. i allowed a family to move into my house in october and it has been a horrible ordeal. they will not do anything I ask. they do exactly whatever I ask them not to – It is hard to think of putting them out as it is a mother and 3 children, but they have stolen from me and lie constantly and do exactly as they please. I met them at bible study and never had a clue it would turn out like this. please pray for me as it is very stressful and they need to leave, but the mother keeps saying she is moving and does not. today she was supposed to move – no truck came – then she said they could not move her until next week – when I asked to see the papers she signed for her apartment, she had none because it is another lie. i am going to have to pay 400.00 to have them evicted and I do not want to give my money on top of all I have already given them in the past 8 months. Please pray for wisdom.