This is my life

by Jason ()


I am coming here in absolute honesty.

I have been a sports fan for years. However, for the last ten years, almost every team I root for has taken a nose dive:

1. The Detroit teams. I have been a fan of the Detroit Lions for years and, since I started watching, they have never been good. However, I just became a fan of the Detroit Tigers after they went to the World Series. As soon as I started watching, I did not see them win or play in even one playoff game. I then started rooting for the Pistons and Red Wings. It has been several years now, and season after season, every one of the Detroit teams does not make the playoffs. The local sports radio station acts like a bomb has gone off. All they do is rag on the teams for not making the playoffs all day. Now, this season, both Michigan and Michigan State did not make the bowls either. I repeat, since about 2015, NOT ONE DETROIT TEAM HAS MADE THE PLAYOFFS.

2. The Canadian NHL teams. I am Canadian. I therefore watch the Canadian teams (and the Red Wings). However, for the past ten years, I do not start watching the NHL until the first rounds of the playoffs However, this is about the exact round that all the Canadian teams make an exit. It has been years – I cannot count how many – since a Canadian team has been in the Stanley Cup Finals, and even longer since a Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup – I believe we have to go back to the 90s since a Canadian team has won it all. And, once again, THESE ARE THE ONLY TEAMS IN THE NHL I WATCH!

3. The underdog teams. Ever since I saw the movie ‘Rudy’ as a kid, I have rooted for the underdog. The underdog is now notorious for losing in most leagues. I remember in the early 2000s, the underdog team would usually lose, but they would occasionally win the big game. Since about 2012, I watch Sunday Night Football, college football, the NBA playoffs, and the MLB playoffs, and the underdog team never wins! I MEAN NEVER!

4. Notre Dame. I have been a Notre Dame fan for years. They used to be absolutely poor in the 90s and early 2000s. Now, since about 2010, they do well in the regular season, but get blown out in the big bowl or playoff game. I have seen a statistic: Under Brian Kelly, Notre Dame is 0-6 in New Year’s bowl or playoff games.

5. The AAF. Because I enjoy football over every other sport, I was following the AAF during the 2019 season – in March, when no other football was on the air. I hoped that they would have one or two decent seasons and go out without any real issue. This is not what happened. A new owner took over the league at mid-season in 2019, and the league simply imploded.

6. The one exception: during the 2019 NBA and NHL playoffs, I started betting against the teams I root for to see if my luck would swing the other way. It did for the first few weeks. Then, on $2 tickets (TWO DOLLARS!), I started losing and losing consistently. I rode this all the way to the NBA finals, where Toronto upset Golden State – my Canadian underdog team! Can you believe that!?


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