These Relationship Prayers Work

by Sarah (Rock Island Tn)

I have been saying these prayers faithfully every day & I want to tell everyone that they work because my husband came back to me.

I am so happy again. When he came back he said he missed me & realized how much he did love me. Its not going to be easy though. There is still a lot of hurt to get over but it is worth it. God helped me through it because I believed with all my heart.

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  1. congrats

    hi . Very nice to hear. I also thank god 4 the marvellous thing he has done . This s d one from which all ve to learn . Forgive ppl so that god wil surely wil secure us . Thanks a tons to jesus from my side too . . Luv u jesus . Amen !

  2. Praise God

    I am so happy for you! Praise God! It was refreshing to read this. My husband left me and our two babies five months ago for a person of poor background. I have been steadfastly praying for the Lord to restore our marriage for several months and have been starting to lose hope.It is a blessing to know the Lord heard your prayers. Amen!

  3. prayers work

    god is good…im waiting on him to mend my marriage, but i know he has already done it. i will be on here giving my testimony next….thank you jesus. i pray you guys make it.

  4. God is Great!!

    I am so happy for you….I hope that GOD works his miracle for thousands of people who want to mend their marriage….I hope GOD brings my husband too in my life…Its a miracle….

  5. Prayer is amazing!!!

    I am truly happy for you both. Please pray my husband will come back to me before our divorce is supposed to be final (mid November 2013). I still love him very much
    I’m grateful your relationship was restored!!! Amen

  6. Relationship Prayer

    repair my relationship. i need a miracle i need to learn how to love myself and my son…i need sanity , i keep praying but i don’t have faith .I NEED A MIRACLE IN MY LIFE AN ALL AROUND MIRACLE

  7. In Love

    Lord I’m praying for a change in my almost year relationship.please help me to be more compassionate & understanding w my mate. Control my undeniable jealously as we work towards a future together. We spend everyday together doing everything to a point it seems me to love me so I can trust him

  8. Relationship Prayer

    Thank you for posting this prayer report. I’ve been up all night, praying for my husband to come home for good. Nice to see that God is working in your life. I pray he does in mine soon!

  9. Urgent prayer request

    Praise the Lord I am mounika I am suffering a great pain in my life please do pray for me chennakesava and family that God will touch our life’s. Pray that chenna parents and my parents will agree for our marriage and all the rituals be done in Christian way as chenna and his family members are hindhus I believe that Jesus should do great miracle in our life’s that everyone and our families should be Happy about our marriage please pray we are great need of prayers

  10. hurting inside

    i am so happy your prayer was answered. i did not realize how much i loved Amy until she was gone. i pray every day he will guide her back to me. I feel so lonely and afraid.

  11. Broken, upset

    Our day in law wants a divorce, she doesn’t want marital counseling, she doesn’t want to talk to him or see him. She communicates through us, he does gets to see his children. The children need their parents together.

  12. Please back Ben for me in my life

    I want God to bring Ben back into my life. I made a mistake in saying I love him. It was too fast, as he is in love with me.

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