There’s always hope

by Robin Y Calhoun ()

Lord please help my little pixie girl to get better and for me to be able to spend more quality time with her as much as I possibly can please make her know how much she truly means to me and that I love her so very much and that I feel so very blessed to have had her in my life all these years and hope to have some more quality years with her that I’m sorry for things she has been through with me and all she went through at those times and if I could make her better again or turn back the hands of time I wouldn’t hesitate to do it without a doubt and that no one and nothing will ever take her place there’s no way that anyone or anything could possibly do that and that there will always be a empty spot where this special friend slash fur baby slash best friend in the world once stuck by me thru good and thru bad times like a trooper and continued to in all the bad times or good times she always makes me smile just the way she did from day one and thinking of her at any time of my day or night always will make me smile and that I know when the day or night comes when she has to eventually leave my side that God will make sure we see each other again and never leave each other’s side forever and ever my life will never ever be the same without you pixie please pray my cat gets better and that her and I will get a good amount of quality time before she eventually go to our Lord Jesus Christ to patiently await the time we will be together again in Jesus name amen

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