~There is an organized group of people tracking my movements who may want to continue to break me.~

by Darla ()

It started properly in Bridlington when a lot of local people in shops treated me nastily after they didn’t like my customer feedback in Argos,saying their behaviour indicted a lack of class meaning they had a bad attitude and lack of customer service skills,the point being that in my previous tenancies in this town I was targeted by a man called Daniel who is a p/t art teacher,I think they chose him to make me feel inferior by comparison because my self employment is creative and this evil Polish woman called Alicija who woke me up and disturbed my work/study time for 12 solid months,Daniel showed an interest in me in order to get info about me and to hurt me because Alicija got together with him after that and the domestic staff of my privately rented tenancy coming into my room and stealing/tampering with my stuff without permission and all sorts of nasty things,being called an arse**** and dirt and rotten food being put into the bin to attract flies and they were following me around and still do,I had complete strangers call me an idiot in Bridlington and complete strangers are still tracking me today in Scarborough. I saw Alicija look back at me out of Daniel’s car just over a week ago in passing and they follow me out of town. But I have not hurt anyone so why am I being persecuted? I don’t deserve it,stop them Lord Jesus May victory be mine and keep me safe if it’s God’s will.The police never have enough evidence and they won’t ever probably so it needs an act of God to intervene to stop it.Amen.

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