The Word

by Sydney (Kapurthala,Punjab, India)

The word is good

The word of the Lord is right
Despite the many temptations
The word gives revelations
Everybody wants the booty
But i seek the word
Seek first the Kingdom and righteousness
And all will be added to you
The old is gone and the new is come
The war is wone and the few with joy
Lets forget the past and move on
Lets remove the lust and breathe on
When money be the issue
I drink some water, wipe my lips with tissue
I pray to God and he answers
I will not die but live to proclaim the word of God
Living in a bubble of hate is bad
Its makes the children sad
Love is in the air
Bursting bubbles of hate
Making the world brand new
Waiting for fate, have faith
No one is perfect
The Lord allows birth