The truth from a VICTIM of serial TERRORISM.

by Gabriel ()

True Heavenly Father in the true Jesus Christs name I the true Gabriel G. a victim one of many of this thing that calls itself the Virgin Mary and Clan, that has serially TELEPATHICALLY terrorised I the true Gabriel G. for 22+ years now. I by chance went on to YOUTUBE and found this Video: “God will Bless You in the presence of Your Enemies: after you suffer for a LONG TIME and are tested.”: I the true Gabriel G. will state after ALL of this BRAINWASHING by that Virgin Mary and Clan that there IS NO BLESSING YOU THE TRUE HEAVENLY FATHER CAN GIVE TO ANYONE THAT IS WORTH 22+ YEARS OF SUFFERING, or the SUFFERING that I the true Gabriel G. have gone through, but there is ONE GIFT YOU COULD HAVE GIVEN I THE TRUE GABRIEL G. MY IMMEDIATE DEATH UPON THE START of this terrorism/TESTING/SUFFERING that the VIRGIN MARY and CLAN brought upon I the true GABRIEL G. that I DIDNT WANT for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS WORTH THIS kind of mental torment. Thank You true HOLY TRINITY. Amen.

5/22/21 3:03 pm

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