The true order of financial prayer

by Cecilia (NY)

Heavenly father, in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. I thank thee for all the many blessings thou has caused to come into my life. I thank thee for the opportunity to be alive, so that I may stand as a representative for thee in all things.

I thank the for my family, my home, my friends. I thank thee for my enemies, because, although they seek to destroy me, I get to see more of thy love toward me, each time they fail in their attempt to destroy me.
I thank thee for thy holy spirit, who leads and guides me in all ways of righteousness. I thank thee for the atonement of Jesus Christ, that gave me the opportunity to have a relationship with thee.
Father, I love thee. I know that it is thy desire for me to be happy and lack no good thing. Heavenly father, I am going through financial difficulty. I need money to pay the bills and all my other expenses. Bless me with more money than I need, so that with the excess I do have, I can help others, so they can help themselves and their family.
Father after thou has blessed me with more money than I need. Please bless me with an extra measure of humility and kindness toward everyone you caused to come my way. Help me to always recognize they hand in all things and to be grateful. Bless me, oh father in my finances, I pray, so that I can spend more time in prayer, giving you thanks and praise, and less time asking material things.
Protect me from my enemies, oh heavenly father and bless my home and my family. May our hearts always be turn to thee, the author and finisher of our faith. I ask thee father to also bless the homeless, that they may find a home. Bless the unemployed, that they may find a good paying job.Heal the sick, oh lord I prayer according to their faith in thee and our savior Jesus Christ. And, if there is lesson for them to learn in their illness, let it the sick be blessed with courage to face what is, and stand in stubborn faith, to the confoundment of the enemy. Let the afflicted gain an understanding of why they are afflicted, for with knowledge we are able to overcome all things, through Christ who strenghten us.
Father watch over our children. Bless them with the wisdom and courage to make good decisions. And stand up for the name of Jesus Christ, without fear of man. May they be an example to wayward, of how children of God should conduct themselves. May they discover the power in their tongue to speak the name of Jesus and witness as demons tremble at the name of Jesus Christ our savior. May they recognize the many tricks of the enemy and condemn him at every turn.

Father, let not the enemy steal my finances and use it for his own evil purposes. Father, bless me now with the money thou has ordained to be mine. Speak the word of financial riches into my life father and I believe it will be so. Let me not lack for money and have more than I need so I can help others and may your name be glorified in everything I do oh father in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen!

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