The silent Voice

by Clara (Fort Lauderdale Fl, USA)

There are some things that are essential for life, like air, food, water, sometimes clothing etc, but there are somethings that are the existence for life, actually it is life’s commodity for exist.

Most valuable, useful, life exchange to our existence. Obsolete.
Free but priceless
Endless but countable
You can use it but can’t touch it
Valuable but invisible
Redeem it but can’t hold on to it
You can have it but can’t keep it
Once gone you can’t get it back
You can’t buy or sell it,
but we use it to buy and sell
What it does is let you know how incomplete we are without it because we can’t control it, but if used wisely, it can cause us to achieve many things
It’s mysterious but yet simple
When we give ourselves over to the true controller of it, we are always amazed at what is accomplished from the moments we take advantage of it.
It goes beyond races, or languages because it is necessary for everything we have done, doing or want to do.
With it bring purpose and value to live. Without it, we don’t have a chance to live.
It’s amazing but also has caused regret for many who didn’t get to enjoy it.
It brings about a change but, unfortunately for some nothing changes.
If it had a voice it would ask:
What is love without me
What is fame without me
What is pain and suffering with out me
I don’t know anyone that will know anything without me
What is knowledge without me or accomplishments?
Even wisdom is nothing without me
Nothing at all matters without me
Thing is, even I know my Master the controller of everything without my Master even I wouldn’t exist. God’s Sovereignty is the mystery how I exist.
We must understand how important A silent voice is talking to us saying take the time to pray, time might run out.