The Shepherd will Guide You

by A C (Usa)

Most Holy Lord Jesus Christ who sits on the throne in Heaven, You see us here upon your land. Please forgive us for our faults. We are weak little lambs, but you Lord, oh spotless Lamb of God , are Pure and Holy. You overcame the sins of the world. You were from the Father and the Father sent you, His Son, to this world to be the one chosen to redeem us from sin.

Grant us your mercy , oh Lord, and be near us each day to protect us from evil. Guide our steps that we do not follow after evil. Guard our eyes and ears that we do not seek evil. Keep us Lord in your tender care, as sheep, following you, our Shepherd. Grant us peace as we work in the day, and give us peace as we lay down to sleep at night. As we go about from day to day, be ever near us, to guide us along the way, that we will always look to You, Lord, and to your Father and the Holy Spirit. Let us always seek to follow thee,because ,to flee from your sight, without your watchful eye, we faulter. We need your help ,dear Lord.

Help us to follow You more closely. Oh Shepherd of the sheep,be our guide.

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