The road Map of scriptures

Father please do not let me turn my face away from you. Help to understand that you can hear me lord, and the words that I speak. When I talk to you I know you are there with ears open wide. The sense of you smell and the

Your face and your smile bring me life, hope, courage and strength. You and you alone are my bright star the smile that I have comes from my heart. That is where you have implanted your scriptures of memories that I keepsake for ever. You have taught me to forgive and forget, you have taught me to love and give, you have taught me to not be selfish or arrogant, you have taught me to be patient and loving. These things have stayed with me throughout the time I have known you. Your scriptures have written a direction of where I need to go and where I need to be if I am not with you. My map becomes a maze where I can get loss and learn and want more of you. Please don’t ever let me loose, keep me on memory lane where the implanted scriptures give my heart a new supply of love everyday.