The Real Answer to Poverty

by Nunofyrbznis (Sameting)

It would be nice to have an equitable distribution of wealth on the planet by taking away the wealth of the selfish, rich “fatcats”, i.e. people and institutions, stop the begging by tv evangelicals and other so-called “Charitable Organizations” who never seem to get these funds to the ones who desperately need it the most – because they continue to ask for it day after day afer day – like a black hole that never gets filled.

Money should be given to the truly poor and needy, not the scam or con artists. If there were such a system in place to ensure that this happens, I’m pretty sure we would have a whole lot less poor people on this earth – but that is like asking for Utopia, isn’t it? … not likely to happen – because this is how “the powers that be” want it to be.

The real anwser to poverty then, is to get rid of the “Powers that Be”. Let the planet return to way it was orginally intended to be … a paradise for the just, unselfish people who truly love and care for others. Each man under his own roof and under his own fig tree. When every one has their own, there’s no need for begging!

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