The Protection of my sister and her children

by Kristina (Philadelphia,Pa)

Dear God I pray to you today that protect my sister from the evilness that’s coming here way. Pray that what’s going on with her and here family be the Castaway I pray to God that you protect her and her children from the evilness that’s trying to tear her family apart.

I pray that whatever the devil has in store for her I pray that you rebuke it in the name of Jesus and cover my sister and my nephews and my niece in the blood of Jesus and keep them protected from all the evil that’s out there and Lord please Lord I ask you I beg of you that you don’t let her lose her mind her home her career her children.

I know father God that you can make a miracle happen that you can take away all the pain and hurt that she’s going through and all the pain and hurt that her husband is going through that you would cast it away. Let them make amends and let them come to some type of agreement to do what’s right for those children and not what’s wrong and take away all that pain and hurt Lord that’s going on in her life Father God I come to you with this prayer and I’m hoping and praying that they will do the right thing and in Jesus name I pray amen amen amen

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