The Prayer of an Adulterous Husband

Lord God, Today I come before your throne of grace and Mercy for I have sinned and destroyed my marriage.

I repent of my sin and the damage i have caused my precious wife.

I promise in your glorious name if my wife gives me the chance I in no way deserve I will cherish her, and honor her all the days of my life.

I make it my life’s goal to restore my marriage and to give her a reason to love and trust me again.

I pray Father that you would heal her broken heart and mind of the pain i caused her with my actions so that she is able to hear my heart and know how much I love her and how sorry I am.

I pray that you would help me to be the man that you would have me to be and the man that she needs me to be.

I was foolish and lost sight of how much she means to me, but you are a God of restoration and i am asking your help in restoring my marriage and me in her sight.